About the 1965 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe

117,996 1963-1967 C2's were built.  Only 5 were first cars carrying a V.I.N. ending in 00001 this is the only one of those to survive.  Hand built costing GM $60,000.00, built using some altered 1964 parts, the very first production disc brake Corvette, first American car of any kind with four wheel disc brakes, a Chevrolet show car from 8/6/1964 to 12/31/1964, campaigned aggressively and shown on a custom stand to highlight the new disc brakes, one of one factory painted silver code ZZ, first with optional teak steering wheel, first with power antenna, the frame welds were factory ground for esthetics.  Given a Bloomington Gold Special Collection award later in life.

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1965 Corvette #00001

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